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About Us

he Star Toaster Team believes that learning is a lifelong experience, and opportunities to learn are all around us. At the core of our belief is that character ultimately defines success. Accordingly, we set out to develop a program that encourages children to learn all that they can while instilling positive character traits. These goals form the cornerstone of all that we do at Star Toaster.

Our team consists of an author with years of experience in education, an award winning graphic designer, web developers with many years of experience in creating quality websites, several talented editors, and a teenager who loves to teach. He did some of everything from researching, to programming, writing, composing music, providing the voice of Professor Forp, and giving the project a youthful perpective.

We believe that children learn primarily in the home whether they are homeschooled, are in a private school, or attend public school. It is in the home where a love of reading is cultivated, it is where homework is done, it is where children catch up or move ahead. Our program is for all parents who are involved with their children’s education. Orphs of the Woodlands presents material in an entertaining and engaging manner. It fills in gaps and instills a desire to learn. It is highly motivating.

Thank you for allowing us to come alongside of you as parents and work together to instill a love of learning and a foundation of positive character traits in your child. Eventually, we hope to launch a series of books that together will comprise a year’s worth of curriculum. That will only happen if we succeed in our journey. Please, tell your friends about Orphs of the Woodlands and invite them to visit

~The Star Toaster Team

Orphs of The Woodlands encourages children to reach for all that they can become, while mastering a variety of subjects and developing leadership skills along the way. Enrich your child’s learning experience with this incredible educational journey.

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