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"It's a book, but it's not a book. Orphs of the Woodlands does so many fun things right there in the story!"
~12 year-old, Flint, Michigan
I can't emphasize enough how much content is in this program! The students are introduced to so many different concepts from over 300 lessons as they read the wonderful story of The Treasure of Hightower! As a bonus, all of the progress your child makes can be viewed via the parent section of the website, with your unique password. I encourage you to investigate this wonderfully interactive and unique approach to reading and learning, and I highly recommend this if your child loves doing lessons on the computer or tablet!
~April Brooks
Read her full review of "Orphs of the Woodlands" HERE.
"I love Professor Forp! My children enjoy his videos and they learn so much. It's like having a teacher come into my home and teach for me.!"
~Parent, Hastings, Nebraska
"We started to get behind in school. I don't know what I would have done without Star Toaster!"
~Parent, Conroe, Texas
"I appreciate the variety of subjects in your program. My son has learned so much!"
~Mother of a 9 year old, Foley, Alabama
"I never dreamed that my children could learn so
much while reading a story!" ~Mother of 9, 10, and 12 year-old children
"The jobs are really cool! I learned things I didn't know. Earning goldstars is a lot of fun!"
~11 year-old, Springfield, Missouri
"My daughter sits at the dinner table and tells her dad all that she's learning from Orphs of the Woodlands." ~Mother of 11 year-old child, Alabama
"I love the quotes. Sometimes I stop and write them down. They give me something important to think about." ~11 year-old girl, Fairhope, Alabama
We've been thoroughly enjoying Star Toaster's new program "Orphs of the Woodlands", a learning adventure for grades 4-7th. The program is designed in the context of a game, where gold stars are earned by completing "jobs." The jobs consist of going through a short training on a variety of subjects(math, science, reading, vocabulary, etc, etc) and then taking a test employing multiple choice. I loved the fact that the student uses his or her stars for the care of virtual orphans, so that even through the course of a game setting, the emphasis is on others. I found the 300+ lessons on target grade level wise, and presented in an engaging manner that reinforced and expanded upon lessons in the 4th-7th grade level. I'd encourage you to check out this great resource!
~Brook Wayne
"I like the game because I can build a settlement with the goldstars I earned!"
~12 year-old boy, Washington D.C.
"My son loves reading about all the critters in the Woodlands! He asks if he can read Orphs of the Woodlands before he does his other schoolwork."
~Mother of 12 year-old
"I learned words I didn't know. The rollovers teach you a lot of vocabulary."
~12 year-old girl, Magnolia Springs, Alabama
"My child was able to grasp things better because he was paying attention."
~Parent, Lexington, Kentucky
"I've learned a lot. I am going to miss reading the Orphs of the Woodlands."
~10 year-old girl, Pensacola, Florida
"Mom, when can we make Butterscotch Birds' Nests?"
~9 year-old, Brookfield, Wisconsin
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